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Mysore To Coorg Packages

, Mysore Coorg Tour, Packages From Mysore 

 Mysore to Coorg

The most common place the tourists visit when they come to Mysore is Coorg. Famously known as the “Switzerland of India” due to its chilled weather and atmosphere, Coorg draws thousands of tourists every year. We offer attractive one-day packages and tour holiday packages from Mysore to Coorg at affordable prices. We provide cabs, taxis as well as tempo travelers from Mysore to Coorg depending on the number of tourists. You can choose from one of the tour packages, which include one-day package and one-night two-day package. The special two-day package starts at Mysore at around 6:00 AM and includes drive to the sightseeing places. The night stay on the first day will be in Coorg and the second day continues with the sightseeing of the place. The package concludes at the end of the day with the backdrop to your respective hotels or railway station or bus stand. Experience the enchanting locales of Coorg at an economical price.

Coorg, called as Kodagu in Kannada is an administrative district in Karnataka. The capital of the district is Madikeri (Mercara in English) and is located about 117.9 km from Mysore. Many beautiful grizzling river streams and rivulets flow through the lush green forests of bamboo, sandalwood as well as rosewood forests. Due to its delightful and charmful locations, tourism contributes a major part to the revenue of the district. Agriculture also plays a prominent part in the contribution of revenue, as the place is famous for its coffee plantations. Coorg is the second largest coffee producing region in the country after the Baba Budangiri Hills in Chikmagalur. The Robusta and Arabica types of coffee are famous all over the world due to its unique taste and pleasant aroma. Pepper and cardamom are the major plantations of Coorg.

There are three major wildlife sanctuaries and one national park situated in Coorg. Brahmagiri, Talakaveri and Pushpagiri are the three wildlife sanctuaries and the Nagarhole National Park (also called as Rajiv Gandhi National Park) is one of the most renowed national parks of India. Since, Coorg is surrounded by lush green forests everywhere; there are different types of animals, which are sighted all through the year such as the Asian elephant, tigers, dhole, wild boars, and gaur. It also inhabits place of more than 300 types of rare and unique birds. As the place is very rich in its flora and fauna resources, Coorg is ranked 38th in the list of “Richest Sites of Bio Diversity” in the world.

Tourism is the major aspect of Coorg that has become synonymous with the place over the years. There are several waterfalls and hill stations, which offer a magnificent view for the tourists. Talakaveri is one such place, which witnesses a huge number of tourists every year. It is the birthplace of the river Kaveri, which flows through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu before culminating its path in the Bay of Bengal. The temple at the banks of the river at Talakaveri is dedicated to Lord Brahma and is one of the only two temples of Lord Brahma in India. The convergence of rivers Kaveri and Kannika takes place in Bhagamandala while the river Suyjothi is said to join the two rivers from underneath. Hence, the place is called as Triveni Sangama.

Madikeri is one of the most popular tourist places in Coorg and is the capital of the district. It was formerly known as Muddu Raja Keri in ancient times after the King Mudduraja who ruled the region from 1633 to 1687. Some of the famous tourist places located in the proximity of Madikeri includes Raja Seat, Madikeri Fort, St. Mark’s Church and Omkareshwar Temple. Raja Seat is a viewpoint, which is constructed on a high level from the ground to compliment the lovely scenic surroundings. This place was a recreational place for the then kings of Mysore and Coorg, hence the name Raja Seat.

Iruppu Falls, Abbey Falls and Mallalli Falls are the three major waterfalls in the region. Iruppu Falls is considered a sacred Hindu place and is situated in the range of Brahamagiri Hills. The holy Laxmana Tirtha River surrounds the falls and has a Rameshwara Temple located on the riverbanks. Abbey Falls is located about 5 km from Madikeri. It is a picturesque waterfall and the perfect time to visit this place is during the monsoon, ideally at the start of June up to the end of September. Mallalli Falls is another major attraction of Coorg, which is situated about 25 km from the Somwarpet Taluk of Coorg. The main source of this waterfall is the Kumaradhara River, which flows through the sacred Kukke Subramanya and conflates with the Netravati River.

As Coorg is known as a hilly district, there is no dearth of hill stations for trek lovers. The three prominent among those are Mandalpatti Peak, Pushpagiri Hills and Tadiandamol. Mandalpatti is situated 20 km from Madikeri and is famous for its fog-covered mountain ranges. Although, the path leading to the mountain peak is quite risky with its dangerous curves, the view from the top of the mountains is worth taking any risk. Tadiandamol is the other main attraction of this region. A trek lover’s paradise, Tadiandamol is the highest peak of Coorg and is the third highest mountain range of Karnataka behind Mullayanagiri and Kudremukha. Situated in the Western Ghats range, it is located 1,748 meters above the sea level and is just 40.7 km away from Madikeri. The Pushpagiri Hill Range, commonly known as Kumara Parvatha, is just a 50 mins drive from Somwarpet Taluk. This hill range is the second highest peak in Coorg behind Tadiandamol and the sixth highest peak in Karnataka. Kumara Parvatha is famous for its trekking routes and consists of as many as five trekking cliffs.

There are several home stays and resorts in Coorg, which offer a comfortable staying place for the tourists. These places make you feel at home and are an ideal way to relish the local Coorgi cuisines at a reasonable price.


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